About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 1998, Yiwu Hongyuan Glass Co.,Ltd. is a cosmetics package company integrating production, research and development and sales. It is located in Yiwu, China's international trade capital. The company has many years of market demand experience and a perfect supply system. Our company mainly engages in a series of cosmetic packaging such as high-quality glass perfume bottles, food bottles, tube bottles, medicine bottles, etc. In terms of creativity, we have a professional design team that can provide customers with product design, mold opening and manufacturing feasibility assessment: in In terms of production, advanced automated production line technology provides professional glass spray painting, printing, bronzing, polishing and other processes. Adhering to excellent quality, strong team of product research and development and superior service, we have been recognized by the industry with absolute strength and have established good strategic partnerships with many customers at home and abroad.

-Our factory is a professional manufactuer of glass cosmetic bottles in China.
-We can product various kind of glass bottles,perfume bottles,cosmetic bottles,essential oil bottles, nail polish bottles and other cosmetic bottles
-We can also design and product the glass bottles according to the client's samples and special inquiry.
-We can do various kind of craftworks for the glass bottle,such as painting color,skilk-screen,logo printing,hot stamping,buffing finishing,gilding,decal and so on.
-Welcome to view & scan our website and build commercial relationship with us.You fedback will be high appreciated.

Our assembly warehouse

We have an assembly warehouse of 20000 square meters, with more than 100 workers. 500000 sets of perfume bottles will be assembled and packaged every day. The warehouse has 5million sets of spot products, so you can order from our factory and load containers at any time.

Our office showroom

The exhibition hall with an area of more than 1000 square meters displays various kinds of glass perfume bottles, and updates new models from time to time.

Our team

We are a young and energetic team, and we will hold group building activities of the company from time to time. Enhance the loyalty and trust of employees and management to the enterprise, deeply adjourn the relationship between individuals, individuals and organizations, individuals and nature through experiencing exploratory activities, and explore their potential, so as to produce a positive outlook on life. Enhance feelings and team cohesion, and better serve our supreme customers.

Our exhibition

2012 can be said to be the first year for Yiwu Hongyuan Glass Products Co., Ltd. to participate in the exhibition. With its excellent corporate strength and reputation, Yiwu Hongyuan Glass Products Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Dubai International Beauty Exhibition. The company can communicate with and learn from peers from all over the world. Since then, the company has made a name for itself every year around the world. Later, the company successively participated in international industry exhibitions in Las Vegas, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other countries, laying a solid foundation for the development of the company.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Philosophy

Pursue quality service, maintain honesty and sincerity, and go to the world with morality

Corporate Vision

To revitalize the industry with our modest efforts
May we become the most influential glass product manufacturer as soon as possible

Corporate Mission

Build a century-old enterprise and make glass for the world

Corporate Values

The company adheres to the management concept of "people-oriented, ingenious quality, innovative technology" and the working tenet of "service first, customer first". We use the modern management method of "intelligent management and automated production" to create a "new vision, new feeling" glass product service environment for customers, so as to achieve a "new breakthrough" in the quality of enterprise management services.

Corporate Slogan

Management slogan:
Iron-fisted demeanor, scientific management
Be responsible, refuse to shuffle
Dare to take responsibility, eradicate shirk
Build prestige, gain trust

Production slogan:
1. Product quality is the top priority of enterprise development
2. Self-inspection and mutual inspection to ensure zero defect products
3. Keep production safety in mind and lay the foundation for development

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